Bringing together amazing athletes to create an exceptional Team, on and off the mat.



Hometown: Tacoma, WA

2016 WSWA State Greco 2nd place 
2016 WSWA State Freestyle 2nd place
2015 WSWA State Greco & FS 7th place
2015 WSWA State Folkstyle 5th place
2015 Oregon Classic 2nd Place
2014 PCJWL Tough Guy 3rd 
2014 WSWA State Greco 7th place 
2014 WSWA State Freestyle 5th place
2014 WSWA State Folkstyle 7th place 
2103 CF Athletics Reno Worlds 6th place 
2013 WSWA State Folkstyle 5th place
2013 Tour of America "Salt Lake Slam" 5th place
2012 PCJWL Tough Guy 8&u 3rd place
2012 Tour of America "NW Bigfoot" 4th place
2012 Thunderdome Throwdown Champion
2012 WSWA State Freestyle Champion
2012 WSWA State Folkstyle Champion
2011 Thunderdome Throwdown Champion
2011 WSWA State Folkstyle 3rd place
2010 RMN Gladiator World 4th place



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